My new gets of the month!!!


I’m posting this with my phone for the first time so sorry if there’s any errors. Now these are my December gets!!! I found a awesome dealer that sold the Sinanju to me at USD130 and GN-X for only USD44.40!! While I got the Enzo Ferrari at a local retail shop for USD58.25. I’ll be building the Ferrari first, and if I have time I’ll build the Sinanju or GN-X!!

Anyways that’s it for now!! Till next post!!! Wait for my MG Destiny EBM review!!


Arios Enforcer X – Gunpla47 Custom

NOW look…really sorry for delaying the MG Destiny Review again and again..because it’s so damn big and time consuming that I can’t really find time. Only did this today to relieve stress from the exams, after just finishing 2 papers today.

This is my second custom painting, the Arios Enforcer X! (HG 1/144 Arios gundam custom) xD Anyways did it in a rush today and I didn’t actually finish some parts(I will point them out later). Well anyways here it is!


Missin something?

Yeap. My blog. Haven’t had time to update but I shall soon, in another months time 😀 Really sorry but I have to ace my end year exams to get to the classes I want.

gunpla47.wordpress.comJust to tell you guys that I modded a gatling gun onto my astray’s shoulder 😀 via a connector to its back

169 hits..Today

I have absolutely no idea how I got 169 hits in one day, and mostly looking at the old posts.
Thanks a lot for the support and help guys,  especially Gunpla-Inochi, helping host
links of my reviews on his blog, as you can see due to all the work I have I don’t post as often anymore,
And this causes what happens below: average 20 hits everyday or even less. But today..WOW ^^
Thanks again guys, referrers below 😀

Gunpla47.wordpress.comClick to enlarge 😀

Up Next…MG Destiny Extreme Blast Mode (still in progress)

Well basically just to inform you guys that the next review I will be doing on will be the MG Destiny Extreme Blast Mode. I am still working on it. (completed upper torso, head and waist). Look forward to it^^

Gunpla47.wordpress.comHmmm…Very nice frosty-silver!! According to Z(aka Gunpla Inochi), it’s not chrome o_O. But still, nice^^

Oh and just to mention that I’ve got some new tools. Will mention them during the next review. Or maybe another post 🙂

MG Exia Review…Coming soon!!!

Well sorry for the delays but as you know(well maybe not) today is the last day of my examination period (Common Test)!!! So I will continue to work on my Exia as quickly and nice ask possible!!! Well running out of sandpaper for all I know and bought a new tweezer. Please await the next review : MG Exia Gundam Review!!!

Gunpla47.wordpress.comComparison : the GN Sword III from 1/100 00 Raiser DV is actually longer and not as wide as the Exia’s but the Exia’s looks more proportionate though 😀

Til’ next post!! (peep : I have completed almost everything except for the arms(shoulders too), shield and GN sword long/short)

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

 I am really, really sorry for not posting frequently. School has kept me busy, and now, Chinese New Year too!!! Really sorry but I just want everyone to know that this is not the end of this blog!!! I will check out your posts and facebook communities whenever I have the time, but sorry maybe from now on I can only(at most) post once a week. Sorry ’bout that guys, but still, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Got all these red packets xD I am quite happy with the number and amount as I don’t really have much relatives in Singapore and still, wow I’m impressed too


Christmas Haul!!!!! Starting off with…Carbine 15!!

oops sorry ’bout the bad quality. But this christmas, sadly, I did not get a single damn Gundam model at all…T_T but still, got these really challenging wooden construction kits/models!!! Please read this!! I won’t disappoint anyone!! Not even gunpla fans!!!^^ why? ’cause to make it better my Astray RF joined in the fun^^ enjoy!! (more…)