New camera!!

Alright so last night I went to buy my new camera and I was so excited that I forgot about the Arsenal-Fulham match and the Man Utd-Aston Villa match. Damn. Didn’t expect a draw from Arsenal. Anyways, got myself a new camera!! Sony SLT-A37K zoom alpha 37 zoom lens kit! Had a $200 discount which was really good so I got another macro lens for close ups. Really happy with this!



Christmas Haul!!!!! Starting off with…Carbine 15!!

oops sorry ’bout the bad quality. But this christmas, sadly, I did not get a single damn Gundam model at all…T_T but still, got these really challenging wooden construction kits/models!!! Please read this!! I won’t disappoint anyone!! Not even gunpla fans!!!^^ why? ’cause to make it better my Astray RF joined in the fun^^ enjoy!! (more…)