PG Strike gundam get!

So it’s been awhile since I last posted, and I finally got my dream PG kit, the PG Strike gundam! Really glad that I was able to find it(was out of stock everywhere I went) however I won’t be building this kit until next year end, when I’ll be getting my airbrush set. Looking forward to this build!




  1. It’s a relief that there are still there’s still some gunpla bloggers that are alive and kicking, what’s with everyone stopping recently. Anyways it’s cool that you nabbed yourself a PG, shame you ain’t building it just yet.

    1. Yeah, and Z stepping down was a big hit for me too, and many of them update once in a blue moon, perhaps due to busy life, I don’t really post a lot too due to school but once in awhile I’ll update the blog. Thanks I thought so too but shall keep it for airbrushing instead of spraying. I’m currently learning how to airbrush from all the tuts first

  2. Great choice for your first PG kit, the Strike is definitely a must buy if you want to try your hands on the Perfect Grade line

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