MG Sinanju Titanium Finish REVIEW

Well finally the Sinanju review is up! Mg destiny review shall wait ^^ well this kit really stunned me with it’s awesomeness!! Let’s begin shall we?


Starting off..




Before I started on anything, first thing I did was to use all the gold stickers, and because there are many places the stickers didn’t cover(main reason people dont use them) I cut them out via estimation and it was pretty OK(3rd picture) really tiring though.

Also painted all the yellow parts gold with gundam marker GM04 while they are on the runner and topcoat. Trust me it makes your job a LOT easier later on.

Upper Body

Well this time I was to into the painting and constructing that I forgot a lot of the pre-build pictures, so pardon me ^^;


That’s all for the torso I guess



Arms. Well I think the stickers ain’t that bad. Also painted the sliding mechanisms and pipes chrome.

So this is the head on the torso. Handbrushed the vulcans and pipes on the head with tamiya x-11 chrome silver. As you can see I painted the energy pipes on the waist chrome but i later changed my mind- you’ll see

Lower body
So I decided to get down to a local hobby shop and bought these:


The waist, and so below is a comparison between the painted chrome and metal pipes


So that’s about it, now onto the legs

Well you see, I got myself a MGM Gatling gun whilst a little break from painting. ^^


Snap fit

Now, after painting…

And as if this ain’t enough, I decided to make it more realistic looking(this just looks like a painted toy)



Used tamiya weathering master set B ‘soot’ to give the gun muzzle and gun barrel a more ‘used look’, and ‘rust’ on the gun machine to look more realistic. Love the results 😀


Let the nightmare begin^^;


I really like how the pipes and thrusters turned out. NANJUDROID >_>

“So I heard you say you’re gon’ kick’ass? Kid who believes he’s gundam”


Now let’s proceed to adding on the armour ^^

Tried my best to remove that hideous nub >_> it’s rather ok IMO, ain’t that obvious. In fact I don’t even see it unless I intend to, once I put everything together.

Alright pardon me if the images have problems I’m not that familiar with writing on my phone yet ._.

Completed MG Sinanju Titanium Finish

Now this is what we’ve been waiting for ^^



I simply love how the rifle turned out, plus it’s so BIG and badass. xD it looks like I forgot to do a before and after shot of the rifle but oh well ^^;


I love how the my little trick made the stickers stand out, also love how I achieved a metal finish for the thrusters 😀

I really like the design of the legs, it really reminds me of ironman’s legs

More action












This pictures looks really nice, IMO, it looks like its a 3D picture

Default Seed pose:


The destiny’s beam rifle really looks like a toy compared to Sinanju’s



Overall this is a tiring but fun build for me. I really learnt a lot from this build and will improve in the future. So thanks a lot for viewing!!

Till next post!!!!



  1. i have a MG Sinanju TF in my backlog but i have yet to start on it. looking at yours makes me wanna do mine!! 😀 btw, good job on the frame keep it up!!

  2. Good job on making sure every part is “shiny” at the end, including painting some of the parts chrome and using the gold marker. It looks really smooth and well polished. You know the model is shiny when it is even shinier than the beam effects! Tony Stark would be proud.

    P.S. Angle could be sharper (lower) on the Kick shot.

  3. Awesome color! Quick question, the inner frame, did u airbrush it? or can spray paint it? if its can spray paint, may i know what color was that?

    btw, awesome kit

  4. Amazing results! Btw, are those cylinders (for the energy pipe) available online? I can’t find it here in Jakarta

  5. Hi I was just wondering what color did you paint the inner frame of your MG Sinanju Titanium Finish Version as I would like to do that same paint job for my own kit when I get it eventually.

  6. Hi sorry for not seeing your answer above for the inner frame paint color, what I am wondering also wondering about is other than the yellow pieces did you hand paint or use the gold gundam marker or did you just use the stickers for the symbols on the chest, waist, shield etc for your Sinanju ?

    1. Hi there yes those are the stickers but because the stickers don’t usually cover all the supposedly gold area(which is why people don’t use them) I estimated and cut out from the leftover sheet to fill in those gaps and uncovered areas so it looks less sticker-ish and also use a toothpick to press down along the emblem lines to make the sticker look more 3D! Hope it helped

      1. Hi, yes that information did help out a lot, I know on my knock off Sinanju I had just hand painted the gold area’s of the kit using Tamiya Gold Leaf which is an alright looking gold. But I’m wanting a gold paint that is a lot more closer to the stickers that come with the kit in color as I want my kit to look awesome when it is done. I also tried to hand paint the all the red parts with Tamiya Chrome Silver and than Tamiya Clear Red over top of it, I will never understand what went wrong with my paint job as it never turned out looking anything like any of the other hand painted Sinanju’s that I have seen. It turned out alright but could have been and should have been a lot better. I was also thinking of attempting to hand paint on Mr. Color Super Metallic Super Iron onto Sinanju’s inner frame. I’m not to sure if that would work or not, I got informed by someone on a Gundam related forum that it would probably work. But I’m just wondering if it is worth the risk/possible waste of money if it doesn’t work via hand painting or if I should just hand paint the inner frame Gunmetal. Any suggestions on that would be most appreciated

      2. For the gold parts, the only way I can think of to paint a gold close to the stickers would be micro masking the black areas(with very narrow modelling tape) then painting it gloss black + airbrush alclad ii chrome + clear orange mix yellow. This is extremely tedious and expensive (the alclad paints are very expensive) so I just preferred the stickers.

        For your red parts, I don’t know how yours turned out. Was it that it doesn’t shine? Or do you have a link of a pic of it then I’d see what I can try to suggest

        For your inner frame, I would suggest you use gunmetal if you are not experienced with the super iron, but it’s really up to personal preference if you like chrome for inner frame better. I personally prefer gunmetal although I like chrome because the inner frame experiences a lot of rubbing and scratching from the movements and armour so it’s very obvious when silver/chrome gets rubbed off compared to gun metal so I only paint certain parts chrome. Plus the super iron isn’t even that chrome it’s like a half flat silver

        Also I would like to remind you that most of those fabulous results are from airbrushing of the paints and not hand brush because some of the paints are only brought to shine when they are airbrushed because airbrushing provides the most even and thin coats to build up the shine and colour, therefore I think it would be better to change to spray cans or best, airbrush.

  7. Hi trust me the paint job you see in the photo on my knock off Sinanju looks alot better than it is in realityy : I will never understand where I went wrong in painting the red parts of it and at this point in time I don’t think I would bother to try and improve it as I am going to be buying probably sooner more so than later the 1/100 MG Sinanju Titanium Finish Version from Ebay as I could get it for a little cheaper from say or from this hong kong based site GKgundamkit but I don’t know if I can honestly trust that site and waiting four to six weeks if not longer to potentially get my kit mailed away even if it would be cheaper from HLJ is just to damn long of a wait time for me to get that kit. I also know someone who is really good at hand painting so I’m sure I could get away with painting the parts that show of the inner frame in gunmetal and the thrusters I was probably going to be painting gunmetal and gold inside of the part and I will be buying also the 5mm Energy Pipe and I’m assuming that one package should be enough for the Sinanju. I would honestly never trust myself with airbrushing nor do I have a workstation set up for that. If I could find someone that I know who wouldn’t charge me an arm and a leg to air spray and that was really good at doing so, than I would probably go ahead and get the inner frame air sprayed but if that isn’t an option for me than I will just get my expert painter friend to paint it for me by hand.

    1. It seems to me that it’s because your paint is very unevenly spread, and it does looks extremely thick, how many layers do you do when painting? And how thick is your paint? it is very highly recommended to do thin layers with thin paint, wait till FULLY dry then proceed with next layer for about a few layers until the colour is right. That’s why it is tedious to hand brush but it makes then paint much more easy to control and reduce chances of uneven coats of paint. This applies to all paints to be hand brushed.

      I’d say you take the more reliable source even thought it may take longer. Mean while you can brush up(no pun intended) on your painting skills before you tackle the titanium finish, since it’s always better to paint it yourself, you know gain experience and you will feel more achieved when you are done. I look forward to your Sinanju, all the best and update me when you are on it! Would be good if you created a blog/site just so I can follow up

  8. Hi i took a hiatus on building gundams and dont really paint (just apply decals and topcoat)

    i picked up the MG sinanju TF version to save me a lot of headache with the paint itself

    my questions is should just paint the gold accents with gundam markers or should i really hand paint (which im not really good at) / spray paint it

    thank you

    1. I own that same kit now myself, I just used all the gold stickers that were provided with that kit, I was about to even attempt to hand paint the small details of gold on it.

      1. hmmm did it cover it all. that’s what im most concerned about its either use the stickers or apply gundam markers

  9. Hi! I have this exact same kit! I know I had to buy this when I saw it! This will be my 5th kit but I really don’t know anything about painting. I usually just build kits out of the box. Can you give me tips on how to make my kit look even just a tad bit as good as yours?

    1. How did you handle the nub marks?
    2. What process did you do in painting the inner frame? (snap build > disassemble > paint part one by one)
    3. Did you use an airbrush or just spray cans?
    4. How long did it take you to finish the build?
    5. I noticed that you cut all the parts before assembling them instead of cutting the parts as you go along. Any tips on how not to be confused with the parts?

    I would be so happy and proud if I can build my Sinanju TF like this! 🙂

    I really liked your finish build sir! Kudos!

  10. Hey man, How’d you remove the nubs?? Can I remove them with gundam marker? If so, which marker should I get?
    Also, with all the paintings, can I use a marker instead? Like the rifle etc.
    And some tips with markers please!

  11. by the way, jsut for clarification, only the red parts were left out and the other parts were painted?
    which do you prefer? these special coated kits or the original version of the same kit?

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