Enzo Ferrari WIP

While I’m still writing the MG Destiny EBM review and coping with my school work, I actually started with the Enzo Ferrari already. No building, just painted all the glossy red parts.


These are the parts before painting. Crappy plastic look, nuff’ said.

First layer: tamiya surface primer grey

Second layer: 2 coats of tamiya chrome yellow

Last layer: 2 coats of Tamiya Italian red, and I’m really happy with the results. I had to try out many different combinations and got to this..love it very much!!


Love the metal decals that came with the kit. Yeah, metal decals ^^

Vents.. They’re made from real mesh..well screw tamiya, they gave a small square piece of the mesh, just enough to cut all out, but if you fail and didn’t cut properly, then no vent for you. This one piece alone took 30minutes!!! Had to cement it on.

Talking about cement.. This whole kit doesn’t have connectors like those on gundams to clip pieces together, so EVERYTHING has to be cemented together >_> once again, screw tamiya

The engine pipes.. I had to cement every piece together and be careful to not let the cement touch other places that are exposed, and melt the paint. Screw you, really, tamiya. What difference have you got from bandai @_@
With that I shall end my post. Thanks for viewing!! Till next time!



  1. From what I know about Tamiya model cars, the only parts you aren’t supposed to cement are the wheels and the steering linkages. Everything else won’t hold together without glue. Things like snap-fitting become a luxury when you’re not dealing with Bandai’s models.

  2. I’m pretty sure that you’re suppose to glue some things together before doing the actual painting. Ferrari eh, I actually mistook a Viper GTR for a Ferrari as I was walking out of the bank today! XD

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