MG Exia Review!!!

Gunpla47.wordpress.comFinally, the long waited MG Exia Review is here!!!!! Enjoy!!!





Upper body/ Torso

Just pointing it out here. They actually included clear green for the back of the vent. I pointed this out because first of all it was a pleasant surprise that Bandai bothered to do so, and second it isn’t very noticeable after I put them together. And curse whoever that gave the stupid idea of a fixed neck. I saw the space and I am very positive that there is enough room to put a movable neck there =(

Completed body



Gunpla47.wordpress.comGunpla47.wordpress.comGrace ChuaGrace

If you have built the Exia then you will realise that I have not built it according to what the manual has given. But somehow I preferred to build it this way =D And one of the main highlight of the Exia is it’s extreme articulation of the hip and front skirt (shown)



oops looks like I forgot about the incomplete shot for the feet.

Gunpla47.wordpress.comCompleted Feet(+Ankle). Overall I think the nub mark removal isn’t that bad =D

One thing I am rather disappointed of : The articulation is rather, Β NG/HG like D= And the pseudo frame too. I even gave up on taking before-shots, because it wasn’t worth the time and effort.

Very nice hologram piece, another piece down the lower part of the leg. And that is the amount of nubs for the 2 legs, excluding feet and ankle O_O

Completed leg



Not sure anyone noticed but I actually did panel line places like that around the hole for the condenser.

Well the way I assemble is actually rather weird, I separated the building of the arm in to 3 parts. I’ll explain with the picture below :

Gunpla47.wordpress.comSo basically I put in the connector of the shoulder armour first(between the upper arm and body). Then I put in the upper arm as shown, afterwards, I put plug in the lower arm. Then I put in the shoulder armour from frame to armour plate. This is rather complicated but I did this to ensure that I won’t break any parts, because it is soooooo hard to put in the arm and should if you build them afterwards. So what I did first was to build everything together :

Very nice orb-shaped condensers, and bless Bandai for giving some colour^^


Weapons/Shield/GN Drive

GN Drive

GOSH!! I got the wrong GN Drives…. thought it would fit in but….

Gunpla47.wordpress.comSee? Dx

GN Sword

teehee πŸ˜€ I like the gun metal piston

Gunpla47.wordpress.comAnd the large sword too πŸ˜€

GN Blades

Gunpla47.wordpress.comNot much to say here but πŸ˜€ rather simple and easy.

GN Shield

Nothing much to say here too, except that pointless gimmick of the blue part being able to slide open by 1 mm


Completed: MG Gundam Exia

Now let the pictures do their part!!! πŸ˜€

Gunpla47.wordpress.comGunpla47.wordpress.comI wasn’t bad at posing the Exia am I? πŸ˜€

To tell the truth, after I saw the quality of the decals, and the number of it, I almost kinda gave up. But something pushed me on, something deep within, and that is what I always tell myself, a true-hearted modeller will never give up on his models, with this spirit a modeller can only make the model better from whatever state the model is in now. And SO, I did it^^ I would say that the decals were quite nicely applied, considering its already very “pooped” quality^^ And I think the nub removal was not very bad too ^^

Gunpla47.wordpress.comJust a note here. Because I don’t commonly see this in reviews, I was actually wondering whether or not have any of you guys noticed that other than the GN Pistol(/Sword), Exia has actually 2 vulcan cannons (the white rectangle just above the hand)at the side of the arms O_O but again I don’t remember it using in the anime though.

All of Exia’s accessories, except for beam sabers. Well I think the decals and stickers are nice(as in the arrangement) ^^

Piece of cake ^^ Well though I think I still need to get around to know how to post the Exia more ^^

Boxart. Well it does have a bit of resemblance ^^;

Now the part everyone has been waiting for!!!!

GN-001 Gundam Exia [Master Grade] omake =D Gundam…Am I a gundam now…Then where the hell are my weapons!!!???

Give me the godly power I NEED!!!!!

(note : the orb/condenser at the chest is actually lit by a LED, I’ll tell you how I did it later, and the eyes are actually computer effects)


*Flash dieds down*

GN-001…Exia, Gundam of seven swords…Preparing to——-

Astray : Hey you dumb*** get down here and give us those cool looking awesome swords!!! Strike : YEAH!!! Arios : Well just come down…and we don’t have to hur— Shut up!!!

Gunpla47.wordpress.comLooks like you punks need a lesson to be taught to you…I’ll show you…the Exia POWER!!!!!

Gunpla47.wordpress.comGO! My cool looking awesome trustworthy sharp durable penetrating GN Blades!!!!!!


EAT MY BLADE!!!!! WEEEEee—–*Slashes*


Gunpla47.wordpress.comDon’t forget…I AM A FIGHTER!!!!!!



Gunpla47.wordpress.comNOW what the bloody hell was that FOR??? 😑


Gunpla47.wordpress.comOWWWWWWWWWW Dammit!!!

*Goes for beam sabers*

And the rest is up to your imagination..?not!

You’re NEXT!!!!

So basically I have come to the end of my review. I hope you guys enjoyed it and also hope that the information above, though not very specific, helped to clear some of your doubts and are useful. Thank you all for giving me so much support, and just a peep, I started on my MG Destiny Extreme Blast Mode already. ^^ look forward to it!! Though it would be after some time…School is starting again X(

So now the pros and cons(not very detailed)

Pros : -Cool looking

-Superb articulation of legs

-Strong arms that does not sag with GN Sword or any weapon

And I guess that’s all for the pros.

Cons : -GN Sword and blade edge, given in creamy/shitty silver

-weak ankles

-loose fingers

-Fixed neck

-Low quality decals

-Does not include LEDs which are important to support some parts of the GN Drive

-Knee joint and elbow joint articulation is NG like

-Lose hip caps that store the GN Blades.

-GN Beam dagger and saber holders are lose(swivels)

-Lose back skirt(had to use super glue to tighten

-PSEUDO FRAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with that, I end off my review with a conclusion…BUY the ignition mode and this together if you want very succesful Exias. The MG Exia has apparently more cons than that of pros. I bought it because of the sword and apparently NOW I really decided if I have the time, I will buy a gloss aluminium spray can and repaint the sword blade parts into bling bling silver!!!! Well that will be a long story to come in the future.. Thanks for dropping by guys!!! ‘Til next post!!!

And by the way I think that my panel lines are not bad for this kid, along with nub removal ^^ Β don’t you think so?



      1. well,you can visit MAC forum from time to time to learn some few tricks and some that you might like…Just pm there or at FB if you wanna ask some queries… I’ll be glad to help..:)

  1. I ROFL’d at your omake and especially the GIFs! Good attempt at a simple and hilarious stop-motion.
    Good review overall but remember to rotate some of your photos unless you intended them to be that way. XP

    As for the GN Vulcans, they were used once and was retcon in for the Blu-Ray special edition. =)

    1. well I did forget to rotate some but I am glad that you guys like the GIFs and the omake. I am now making a real stop motion based on Exia and Astray while trying to build my MG Destiny. Oops am I leaking too much information? Stay tuned ^^

  2. I feel like you could probably teach a class on how to make a great blog. This is fantastic! I have to say, what really got me was your design. You certainly know how to make your blog more than just a rant about an issue. Youve made it possible for people to connect. Good for you, because not that many people know what theyre doing.

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  4. Thank you for that forgettable vulcan weapon above the arms. You really saved me a lot of time. As for the panel line, I’m amazed that you lined it without applying dull paint. If I were to do that I most likely smear all over the ink thanks to my sweaty hands.

    Exia is a nice kit but regrettable it has weak joints. So I had to use a glue gun to the waist skirts, knee caps. Once dried it really helps hold the joints thanks to the glue being a bit slimmy.

    1. * If you haven’t mentioned the vulcan cannon then I most likely disassemble the arms again just for painting that part.

  5. Hello there can you give me a tutorial about the LED in the GN Drive? I got one Gundam Exia too but i can’t assemble it or i dont want to touch it unless i figured out how to make the GN drive comes into life haha. i will really appreciate if you tell me what is the secret for the LED mecha.

  6. Hello there can you give me a tutorial about the LED in the GN Drive? I got one Gundam Exia too but i can’t assemble it or i dont want to touch it unless i figured out how to make the GN drive comes into life haha. i will really appreciate if you tell me what is the secret for the LED mecha.

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