Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai [Post 1] (Please comment!)

OK… So… This is my first time posting right? Here is my most recent and just completed gundam : Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai :

The Boxart

And this is where I am going to work with it, and my gold gundam markers just came, along with the sandpapers 800 and 1200 that I wanted. I am using white gundam marker along with Tamiya Brush :

Part 1 : Gebera Straight & Tiger Pierce

I started off with the katanas because i thought they were so cool — I mean awesome.

Compare the colour of the bandai given ‘gold’ —- that is, if you would call it gold—- and the gold after I painted it with gundam marker GM04

Oh look at THAT! Gebera Straight is embedded on the bottom of the *blingbling* blades. Same would go for Tiger Pierce

Now spot the difference!

You can see abit of the words from the hole for the hands to plug in too

Completed the Gebera Straight. Look at the nice sticker on it! ^^

Completed : Part one : Gebera Straight & Tiger Pierce


Part 2 : Famas Beam Torch and Knives

Somehow I couldn’t help but to feel that the beam torch kinda looks like a Famas. The holding handle I suppose.

Test shot with it as famas :


Knives : the knives are for the blue frame actually, as you can see there is a hole for the forefinger to go through, but I was afraid that it might scratch off the paint and I have to repaint the fingers again, so I am not gona post actions with the finger inside—-or to say that I am not gona use it at all.

Completed : Beam Torch and Knives


Part 4 : Head

I am really pleased with the details of the head, and unlike most MGs, it is not a 2-piece-clip-together head. It is like you get something that looks like nothing and put pieces over it until you get something that looks like a head, and it looks so sharp.

apart from the face, the red part is basically the ‘something that looks like nothing’

NOW this is the 1st time I have panel lined so finely. Great improvement! Another step taken to become a pro!

The completed head..Oops almost forgot the decals ^^ anyway it looks so sleek xD

Completed : Astray Head w/ decals


Part 5 : Torso

The torso, just like the head, is also something like stacking up pieces and pieces and pieces until you get a body.

sorry for the bad photo but I did not realise it until I put the pieces together and go through the photos xP

Torso without decals.

Completed body with head

with the cockpit open. kinda cool!

Completed : Torso


Part 6 : Legs

Actually, I myself don’t know why I started off with the legs before I even touched the waist. I guess it’s the urge of seeing the beauty of the legs that’s  driving me mad >_>

So basically this is the feet

the inner frame for the legs is really, really detailed. it looks like a leg itself already, unlike most MGs, whereby you get a inner frame that looks like some weird crap with many holes for the white armour to fit in.

Showing the articulation of the leg

A completed right leg. The stickers are very nice. Just that one of it runs on 2 parts, so I decided to cut it, this model is just like a PG! with the big nice pictures as stickers (they are easy to put on) and small detailings as decals.

The right leg with Tiger Pierce

Ok..This is my progress so far

Completed : Legs


Part 7 : Waist

The waist is really special, from those you usually see. The sides is seperated from the main waist, such that when the body turns, the side will move outwards allowing the turn. Well sorry I don’t have a picture of that. Maybe next time in one of the pictures you shall see. I don’t know

the sticker was supposed to be below, but I mistakenly put it on top, I’ll live with it… Looks rather nice too ^^;

Completed waist. Very nice, and unique. Just that the decal at the back of it (above) was a pain. I broke it prematurely, but it is not really visible ^^;


Part 8 : Shoulder armour and arms

The shouler armour is really really nice. Same goes for the arms, except for one part. Now let my pictures explain…

Yeah… I was talking about this just now – the shoulder armour, too, has a inner frame!!! which is really cool because most MGs doesn’t. The Strike Gundam’s shoulder armour’s so called ‘inner frame’ is not really because most of the parts are exposed. Unlike that of strike’s, the Astray’s shoulder armour’s inner frame is totally covered (except for gaps at the back) by 3 pieces

Ok that’s all for today I guess. I shall continue after a few days. Going for camp!!!(npcc torture camp)








  1. Thanks ;D This model costed me 6924 yen which is around 109 singapore dollars. If you are in Singapore then I bought it from OG at chinatown. =D This model is really worth 109 don’t you agree with me? Yeah I am adding you

    1. I suppose you mean those super thin ones on the head? well for those THICK ones you see they’re just gundam marker for panel lining and I didn’t bother to thin it, as for the THIN ones on the head, I use a mechanical pencil with 2B, 0.5mm lead and sand the tip at an angle. So now the tip is really really sharp, probably around 0.05mm and using the sharp tip you go around the panel lines. That’s about it ^^ as for panel lines with grooves just use gundam marker to draw over it, and then use an eraser to rub off the excess. Hope that helped!

      1. Haha, i thought it was only me who uses pencils to line a gunpla! pencils could turn out to be a perfect tools when you need to line a really narrow lines which even my 0.05 mm liner couldn’t get to.. but i think wooden pencils are better than the mechanical one because the edge can be reaaallly pointy, also easier to sand to get more sharp point..

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