After almost 3 years haha revisiting this site again. Of course this hobby hasn’t stopped but I just never have time to post anything(or rather never bothered to) so here’s some current updates: 

 well the PG strike + aile striker is assembled waiting to be painted, and I’ve got new addition to my backlog, the 1/24 LaFerrari and RG GP01 Zephyranthes. Airbrush is also collecting dust in my room along with all these because there’s no time at all. Sigh looking forward to the end of his year (and IB) and I’ll be able to start work properly again.  

And also, the airbrush set that I’ve never posted about!  

P.S. Also rather surprised haha the last time I mentioned the site stats was in 2011 and back then there was only 4000 over hits? Wow it’s actually 63.4k now hahaha I should probably post more then

New camera!!

Alright so last night I went to buy my new camera and I was so excited that I forgot about the Arsenal-Fulham match and the Man Utd-Aston Villa match. Damn. Didn’t expect a draw from Arsenal. Anyways, got myself a new camera!! Sony SLT-A37K zoom alpha 37 zoom lens kit! Had a $200 discount which was really good so I got another macro lens for close ups. Really happy with this!


Enzo Ferrari update!

Hey there it’s be quite a while since I started on this, and being my first ever car kit I really screwed up a lot, like cementing parts and ruining the paint, or not being careful and break the decals, luckily I didn’t break any part, and now all that is left are the side vents which I screwed up big time and have to redo.

Thanks for viewing! Till next post!

New gets

Ok so while I’m still working on the MG Destiny EBM review, I’ve completed the MG Sinanju Titanium Finish and review will be up after the destiny’s. I got myself another model, HGUC Jesta gundam. Anyways I just snap fitted it together and will start painting later.


That’s all for now!! Till next post!!!